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Find part for the Quadra Fire GarnetE-B Electric Stove in the diagram listings shown below. Each diagram will take you direct to the Quadra Fire GarnetE-B Electric Stove repair part listings and part views for your model.

Part Diagram 7016-109MBK Side Mbk 4035-306 Upper Casting Support 4035-307 Lower Casting Support 4035-818 Ember Bed 4035-205 Hearth Pan 4035-205 Hearth Pan 4035-153 Flame Element Assembly 4035-309 Parabolic Reflector 4021-177 Split Bushing 33961 Halogen Light 4035-152 Socket Assembly 4035-311 Retainer 464-0160 Front Plate Mill Garnet 4035-151 Front Screen Assembly 4035-151 Front Screen Assembly 4035-322 Outer Bottom Light Shield 4035-302 Box Bottom 4035-320 Bottom Light Shield 4035-318 Light Shield 4035-300 Box Front 4035-860 Motor 4035-316 Front Reflector 25611 Snap-in Cord Clip 4035-808 Bi-metal Thermostat 4035-808 Bi-metal Thermostat 4035-301 Box Back SRV060-511 On/Off Switch SRV060-511 On/Off Switch 4035-826 Thermostat Knob 4030-802 Two Prong Power Cord 4030-873 Strain Relief Bushing SRV7000-246 Control Knob SRV7000-246 Control Knob 4035-809 Variable Control 4035-801 Back Glass 4035-801 Back Glass 4035-804 Lens 4035-804 Lens 4035-308 Flame Panel 4035-308 Flame Panel 4035-305 Air Deflector 4035-305 Air Deflector 4035-321 Air Channel 4035-321 Air Channel 4035-321 Air Channel 4035-155 Heater Assembly 4035-155 Heater Assembly 464-0140MBK Top Mbk

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